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I am a passionate advocate for the Passive House movement.

Passive house is a building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time. Passive House is not a brand name, but a construction concept, the buildings are insulated in airtight shells that temperature-regulate themselves, back to the basics of what design should be, which is environmentally responsive.
Selecting the right strategy and concept and itegrating it, considering the context, goals and purpose, can make every project sustainable.  
Being the first Certified Passive House Designer in China and a certified DGNB consultant, together with SoftGrid, I worked on several Sino-German cooperation projects:
BASF R&D Campus II - First DGNB R&D building in China;
Tianjin Eco-City Passive House - Tallest Residential Passive house in the world;
Jinan Primary School - First Passive house school in China;
Sanxiang Headquarters - First DGNB application in China for Interior Office Spaces;
Ardex Office and Factory in Shanghai - DGNB application for Office Spaces.

Currently, I am certified under the following sustainability lables: